Let art flow

We'll be able to recognize him by his crooked little finger because he printed his hand farther in the cave. So we can follow this man's path.
(Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Werner Herzog, 2010)

rrrose aims to be an ecosystem for stakeholders of the contemporary art scene.
Using distributed ledger as its architecture, rrrose provides a fully-featured archiving solution for both physical and digital artwork, allowing the art market access to a host of additional operations based on applied cryptography.

Services include:

  • Creation of blockchain IDs for both artists and galleries
  • Permanent record of physical, ephemeral and digital art
  • Immutable record of pre-existing physical certificates
  • Droit de Suite for artists, galleries and 3rd parties
  • Crypto Marketplace / Fundraising Platform
  • Tokenization of an artwork's value

rrrose is coming soon.
[info at rrrose dot art]

Owners, creators and collectors of artwork will be able to securely carry out a variety of tasks on the blockchain. What unites these stakeholders? The sharing and perusal of artwork. Currently, there exists no method of permanently recording digital-based artwork, with most creators uploading their work on social media networks for self-promotion and publicity. But who does your artwork belong to when you upload it onto someone else’s database? Where is the traceability, the record of ownership? The eventual sale or royalties that could have gone to you through the purchase of an interested collector? rrrose provides the platform for such interactions, from the permanent record of an artwork to the tokenization of its ensuing value.

Buyers and intermediaries of the art ecosystem have one gripe in common: archiving solutions. The mere requisite of the collaboration of an external database provider implicates the necessity of trust from all stakeholders. Through rrrose, the marketplace stands to benefit from the non-centralized quality of distributed ledger, which is what blockchain essentially is. Since the technology provides an unalterable record of provenance, interested parties can trace the relevant history of an art piece, gaining visibility to the information they need to execute the operations required.

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